Breathe Green provides a competitive solution for your cleaning needs and is committed to service that will reduce your carbon footprint. 

Cleaning you can live with.

Our goal is to provide a green alternative to cleaning and maintenance, by using non-toxic products and eco-friendly methods.

Breathe Green is a housekeeping and janitorial cleaning company that is highly concerned about our environment and the impact of harmful cleaning chemicals used in your home and office. Breathe Green LLC is not like other cleaning services. In every aspect of our business, we work to guarantee excellent service for our clients and maintain the trust they bestow on us when choosing Breathe Green as their cleaning provider.

We strive to minimize waste with reusable supplies and recycling. Breathe Green follows the recycling codes and regulations pertaining to all disposable and toxic materials. In an effort to minimize waste, Breathe Green will recycle and reuse unwanted materials. Breathe Green does not charge additional fees for any materials found in the property that will be recycled. 


Breathe Green Housekeeping and Janitorial Services

Green Seal regulates the environmental standard and certification for sustainability. Breathe Green is proud to use products approved by Green Seal.